Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Loot: NES #400 and a WiiU

It's common among collectors that each hundred milestone after 200 (300, 400, 500, 600, and 700) be a special purchase.  At 600 and especially 700, most collectors have no choice.  The games they're looking for are extremely rare and costly unless they get super lucky at a yard sale, flea market, or Craigslist.  But that's where the fun is.  For every stupid purchase I've made, I've gotten twice as lucky because some old lady didn't know what her estranged son's childhood goodies were worth.  That's where the fun in this hobby is:  ripping off ignorant people for the sake of owning outdated technology because I'm oddly nostalgic about things that my parents couldn't actually afford for me 20 years ago.  It's completely normal.  Lots of folks are just like me, why else are these games becoming more and more valuable?  Anyway...

Two weeks ago I had 399 NES games and was looking for big number 400.  I was ready to spend some money too.  My collection has a special meaning to me already but a semi-rare title that isn't found in many collections really adds to the experience.  Unfortunately, at my local video game shop, I owned every single game they had in stock and they had hundreds.  I scoured for an hour, flipping every cartridge over and double-checking it with my inventory list.  The only game they had that I did not was Rampage for NES.  Not a great game, not a rare game, and not even a pricey game.  In fact, I overpaid by a little just to bring something home.  I'm retarded. So at $10, here was number 400.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Couch Co-Op Recap: Condemned Criminal Origins

Couch Co-op night is a night of the week Brian and I have decided to join video game playing forces on a single couch, using a single TV, with a single controller... and tag team a bucket list of games.. in the Retrogeddon Den of Doom (or Boom Boom Room).  The games range from 8-bit to last gen releases and include a long list of highly esteemed titles thought to be the best of their generation.  Our first victim was the XBOX 360 launch title Condemned: Criminal Origins.  Brian beat it almost ten years ago and was itching to give it another go.  I had never played the game before but figured it was a creepy game centered around melee combat and shitting your pants. I was right.