Friday, May 30, 2014


I'm relatively new at  Before using Twitch, I never found the idea of watching other people play video games to be that appealing.  It's like watching other people have fun when you could be doing it yourself.  But after streaming a few Couch Co-op sessions with Brian and Chad, I got kind of hooked on the idea of having an audience while I played... whether one was actually there or not.

One unfortunate side effect of being a new Twitcher is not understanding how videos are saved and archived.  Brian and I got it right the first time on his Citizen_Gamer account when we played some Resident Evil on the GameCube but for the recent few videos, I forgot to save them forever.  Consequently, they are gone.  All that is left of them here on this blog is an empty video window that says it has failed at its duty to provide any video.

Oh well.  As the great Alanis Morissette once so proudly sang, You Live.  You Learn.

"You you you oughta know!!"

I know now, Alanis.  I know now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Couch Co-Op: Gauntlet Dark Legacy

A few weeks ago you might remember that I picked up Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for Playstation 2 from a pawn shop.  Actually, in the original post I said that I got it for XBox, but it turns out, nope.  PS2.  Regardless, last night my buddy Chad and I finally got around to giving it a try.  We made sure our expectations were low and that probably helped the game out a little.  Having never played a Gauntlet title before, we were unsure what to expect.  The game has an arcade style to it, is simultaneous co-op (no split screen), and falls in the hack'n slash genre.  All in all, we had a good time with it and next time he's over, we'll pick up where we left off.

There is a lot about this game that we never figured out.  There are plenty of power-ups and combo moves we never even touched so the future for this one looks bright!

We streamed our playtime with it on Twitch but because Citizen Gamer (Brian) wasn't in the house, I ended up having to use my personal Twitch account,, to make it happen.  Check it out below if you want to see what Dark Legacy is all about.  


Watch live video from diddles_mcbean on TwitchTV

Friday, May 9, 2014

Couch Co-Op: More Resident Evil and some Snake-mares

I fucking hate snakes.  I'm not going to tiptoe around it or censor it.  I hate them.  Go ahead, call it an "irrational fear" or whatever but snakes look mythically evil and the worst part is that they're real.  Snakes actually exist.  I can hardly believe it and I've seen several.  Snakes are everywhere.  One probably lives somewhere in or around your house.  Eating your spiders and rats, trying to get you on its side, but seriously just waiting for the day you slip up so it can slither inside your brain and erase your dreams.  Every creature on God's green Earth deserves the precious brevity of life we're all so lucky to have.. except fucking snakes.  If you have a pet snake, we can't be friends.  My roommate in college had a pet snake and I haven't talked to him since we graduated.  He's a cool guy and all, but he has a snake.  Resident Evil has a snake in it.  A big snake.  And we found it.  I hugged a pillow while Brian fought it.  The pillow made me feel safe and it also covered my fear boner.  I'm kidding, I don't get those.  But all that said, the snake looked pretty good on this remake.  I was impressed.

Couch Co-op continued this week with mine and Brian's attempt to put the eldest Resident Evil to rest.  We found snakes, and spiders, and sharks and I said "OMG" at least 300 times to cover up the urges I had to scream like a baby girl.


Watch live video from Citizen_Gamer on TwitchTV

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One wall of shelves complete

Game collecting is addictive to me for a few different reasons.  Number one, obviously, video games are fun and nostalgic.  Duh.  Number two, hunting down old relics at yard sales and thrift shops is challenging and fun.  And third, displaying your collection for you and others to marvel at is super satisfying.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Couch Co-op beats Sonic the Hedgehog

My long time buddy Chad finally made it over to the new digs to check out the Boom Boom Room aka "The Retrogeddon Lair".  Chad helped Brian and I on Thursday night setup the Twitch.TV stream, so he's obviously pretty interested in video games.  He was impressed with my den of awesomeness, naturally, as any gamer should be, but also wanted to try out some of the wares.  Instead of pulling out an old Genesis and blowing the dust off it, I decided since I already had an original Xbox plugged in, we would play some old school Sonic on an old school Xbox.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Couch Co-Op Night Goes Live on Twitch.TV

Couch Co-Op night returned this week with a bit of a twist: it was live on Twitch.TV!  With the help of my buddy Chad, Brian and I were able to get the software setup to record our GameCube playthrough of the original Resident Evil remake.  Scares and hilarity ensued as we tried to navigate the dark, danky, creepy hallways of the Resident Evil mansion.  The full video is below and a highlight reel of the best parts among our entire RE playthrough will come after we finally beat the game which should only take a few more Couch Co-Op weeks!

Watch live video from Citizen_Gamer on TwitchTV