Monday, January 5, 2015

Couch Co-op Beats ZombiU

"Ahh! Oh my God! Get'm off me! God no! Why!?" - Said by us several times.

My bro-op mate Brian and I finally beat ZombiU for the WiiU last month, just before holiday break.  I'm only writing about it now because it's taken me this long to process the psychological trauma and deal with the amounts of excrement I released into the depths of Brian's sofa.  Just kidding, but seriously the game has some good scare times.  Without spoiling anything, if you do plan on playing this one stick it through 'til the end and I mean the very end, credits and all.  You actually get the credits before the final segment of the game and after that final segment there's no going back. Your game ends how it ends - good or bad.  That's a lesson we learned on the fly - we got the bad ending.

The game is striking visually especially considering it runs on the WiiU hardware.  It repeats some environments over but everything looks fantastic.  The scares are plentiful and come in a number of ways such as around the corner scares, noise scares, intense music scares, WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO? scares, THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM scares and of course the good ol' jump out at ya scares.  All in all, pretty good mix of scare tactics and all are used in variety of ways to keep the story fresh and you on edge.

A neat story element unique to this game is when your character dies they come back as a zombie.  In order to get your stuff back that you lost when you died, your new character randomly named and assigned to you, must voyage back to your last death, kill your old zombie self and retrieve your items.  Should you die before you get back to your old zombie self then you're dead meat and you just lost all your stuff forever.  The lesson is to not die.  Unfortunately, we did die a number of times, twenty five times to be exact.  And after not getting our stuff back once or twice we learned to be very careful and use the safe room box religiously.  It paid off as we finished the game with about ten extra health packs and enough ammo to survive legendary horde mode on Gears of War.

The story itself is a little wonky and at times unnecessary but all in all decent.  In reality the story is short in terms of missions.  I can only really think of maybe five missions total but the game still takes about 12 to 14 hours to complete on average.  It took me and Brian nearly 17 hours because we're probably a little too thorough and like to check every inch of a room before advancing in case, ya know, there's some goodies hidden away.

All in all, I felt the game was fantastic.  It used the WiiU gamepad in very inventive ways and played great.  A few quirks with inventory and game pacing keep it from being perfect but if ZombiU 2 ever hit the shelves, I'd have a hard time avoiding it.

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