Thursday, April 9, 2015

Craigslist [almost] Misadventure

Tuesday was a big day for me.  I panicked while waiting for an engagement ring to get to my house via mail when no tracking number was provided to me.  I was going to propose that day, where the hell was my shipment?  I scrambled to get home in time to sign for it.  It was important that I was there before noon or else I'd miss the delivery and my plans for asking the love of my life to marry me would be squandered on her birthday.  On top of that, the engagement was all I had planned.  Without that it was just a shitty birthday and I was a shitty boyfriend.

Meanwhile, a guy named Alex waits patiently for me at the mall.  At 7am that morning I told Alex that per his Craigslist ad for a $25 Luigi's Mansion, I'd offer him $20 and would meet him at the mall. He obliged and he arrived at the mall, at noon as was agreed upon, and waited.

And waited.

At 12:15 I received a message from Alex.  "Hey I've been here for 15 minutes and I'm leaving now, we can try to meet up again some time...."

Ironically, this is the exact face I made upon realizing that I had forgotten all about Alex.

He was overly nice about it.  If this had happened to me, I would've said "Hey, I've been here for 6 minutes and you can go fucking kill yourself."

I responded to Alex that I was super sorry.  I told him I was actually waiting for a delivery of an engagement ring (I threw that in there because well... pity and pride) and that I was distracted and completely forgot about our arrangement.  In addition, I told him that for his troubles, I'd give him the full $25 he wanted for it if he could meet me at 5pm instead.  Hell, the least I could do for wasting someone's time like a complete jackass was offer them five bucks.  He obliged.

I'll always remember this pickup of Luigi's Mansion from Alex on Craigslist, as the game I bought just before I proposed to my future wife.  It will also perhaps be the last game I buy for a long time because those rings, as precious as they are, are way too overpriced.  Sorry, honey.  You're worth it but damn.

But, damn.

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