Thursday, July 31, 2014

Retrogeddon: Teams and Points

EDIT:  For an updated version of the score table, check here.

**Dude, so Retrogeddon... that implies old games, correct?  Do you have any?

I'm glad you asked.  Yes, there are tons of games at Retrogeddon.  I have nearly 800 cartridge games, 200 disc games, and if you consider emulators, nearly 2,000 games in general.

**So, what?  Like I'm just going to be playing Tetris and shit all weekend?

If you want.   You can play and do as you wish but there will also be a few bigger events we would like to get going like 10-player Sega Saturn Bomberman, some 6 player Mario Kart Double Dash, and maybe even some 4-to-8 player connected DS stuff.  Bottom line, you'll be playing plenty of video games.  But for the most part, you can do whatever.

**So that's it?  We just run around playing games and drinking?  It's basically Videogeddon without 720P?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Retrogeddon: The Nearly Complete Setup

The setup is nearly complete.  Save for a few cables coming in the mail and a few consoles Tim will be bringing to fill out the multiplayer sessions, the Retrogeddon BoomBoomRoom is alive!  I would take pictures but the place is still under construction.  Piles of wires here, piles of non-working consoles there, dust, etc.  It's not so photogenic at the moment but I did want to show off a little bit of the setup so I found an awesome website that basically let me do just that.

If you follow the link above...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Loot: Small Craigslist Party

Due to my rigorous preparations for Retrogeddon (pronounced in my head recently as "reh-tra-gadon" like a dinosaur), I have next to no money.  In order to be broke, I would still probably need someone to loan me twenty bucks.  I've had Ramen for dinner all this past week and because of it my sodium levels are through the roof.  It's all worth it so long as I get my heart attack AFTER Retrogeddon.  But dealing with my empty wallet and looming demise doesn't stop me from perusing the ol' local Craigslist page from time to time.  I'm in the market for a new TV stand and a couple more TV's anyway (you can't spell Geddon without TV) but out of habit I check the video game section fairly regularly.

Recently all I've seen for sale on Craigslist and at Goodwills are last gen consoles (XBox 360's and PS3's) since I guess people are getting the newer generation consoles.  But, today I found a GameCube and DS game that caught my attention.

For a whopping....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Loot: Planet Fun and a lesson on collecting

I went on vacation to Tybee Island, GA for the entire week after July 4th and it was pretty awesome.  Tybee is a pretty laid back beach just twenty minutes from Savannah.  Fun was certainly had and I took advantage of some well-deserved do-nothing, relaxation time.  I basically ate almost all of my money too, which is what vacation is all about.  And though I scouted before the trip and decided there were really no places along the way to stop and look for games, I still managed to find a retro gaming store and I sorta..kinda struck gold.

Planet Fun is pretty fucking awesome.  It has a decent selection of video games but actually better serves as a museum for us 80's and 90's kids.  Check the link and check out the pics of the store, it's pretty amazing.  I stared at the old school TMNT playset for way too long while contemplating buying it.  But since I already own over a thousand video games I hardly find time to play, I don't see myself sprawled out on the carpet playing with Ninja Turtle action figures.  Nevertheless, the nostalgia trip was more than welcomed.

But anyway, as I do, I ended up...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Couch Co-Op: Beat Resident Evil REmake; Started: OG Tomb Raider

After what was months and what felt like years of playing through the Resident Evil remake for GameCube during our weekly (yet sporadic) couch co-op sessions, Brian and I have finally laid to rest one of the keystones in video gaming history. Resident Evil is REmarkable.  To be nearing its original twenty year birthday, the layout and story of this game, not to mention the thrills and scares along the way, help me to realize what a ground breaking release it was then.  Even now, over a decade after the GameCube upgrade, the graphics still hold up wonderfully. As a twenty-eight year old man, I was pleased to find a game this old had the ability to give me the willies.  I was wrought with fear on several occasions during our sessions.  Fuck snakes.

The new house, the Retrogeddon house, has been great in helping me collaborate with my friends and getting some games played that I've needed to.  So far, despite our busy schedules, we've knocked off three pretty good titles, and we're moving right along to the next thing on our lists.

Chad and I briefly started Gauntlet for Playstation 2 about a month ago but haven't reconvened.  But I'm not worried, we'll get back to it eventually.

Brian and I couldn't wait to get started on our next adventure and to commemorate the 2013 revamp of the Tomb Raider series and the E3 announcement of another game in the series, we decided to go back and play as pointy-triangle titty Lara from way back in the mid '90s.