Friday, September 26, 2014

Loot: 3 more N64 games

N64 isn't the most difficult system to collect for and may even be the easiest among major consoles.  It has such a small library compared to other systems that it's tempting to try to get a complete set whether you really want one or not.  So while at an out of town doctor's visit, I went by one of my old regular stores I haven't been to in a while to see if I could nab up anything I didn't have.  Ya know?  As collectors do.  I'm still missing quite a few common-cheap N64 games though most of the console's library falls into that category.  But with these three games, none of which are particularly great, I now have 116 of 308.  So ...WooHoo!

Flying Dragon achieved mixed reviews that mostly averaged out to be "meh".  It's a Japanese...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Loot: Craigslist comes through on big SNES deal

Football season distracted me from collecting games for a while and my lack of disposable income recently hasn't helped matters either.  But I'm always keeping an eye out for the perfect deal on the Craig and once I found one I liked, I bit.

For $50, I got the lot pictured above.  Some of the cart labels are in bad shape like the Super Mario World in the middle and even Super Mario All-Stars in the bottom-left have seen better days.  And "Janice B." or maybe "Tanice" left her mark on several of them by scrawling her name on there in Sharpie which won't be hard to remove.  The label damage is forever but Sharpie on plastic is not.  But the real golden egg in this lot is the game just above Super Mario...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Couch Co-Op: Beat Super Punch Out!

It has been quite some time since Couch Co-Op beat a game.  Actually, it has been quite some time since I posted on the blog but there's other reasons for that.  While Brian and I have been hot and heavy on the original Tomb Raider for PSone, we decided we would take a break from that and try something that requires less time and precisely angled jumps to beat.

Super Punch Out! for the Super Nintendo was on both our lists of games we shamefully never got around to beating as kids, so we each put on our boxing gloves and jumped right in as Little Mac.