Friday, October 31, 2014

Couch Co-Op Beats Tomb Raider

Two guys on a couch, known as Couch Co-op (or Couch Bro-op), finally knocked Tomb Raider, otherwise known as "Pointy-titty, Angle Jump", off the list.  It took us months to finally complete.  We started July 3rd, just after we beat the Resident Evil REmake for GameCube and finished October 27th. We started with just once-per-week play sessions of two or three hours but quickly realized we had a learning curve with this old bastard.  The precise jumps and patience required to overcome some parts were some things we didn't account for.  We thought we were decent at video games and then we played the original Tomb Raider.

In the span of time it took us to complete this couch co-op mission, there were a handful of weeks we were unable to get together.  Finally toward the end, my co-op bro, Brian, decided that once-per-week just wasn't going to cut it so we started turning our lunch breaks into gaming breaks.  Why didn't we think of this years ago?.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

N64 Collection Update

I like collecting N64's easy.  Yeah, I mean I loved the N64 growing up but the 300 game library is so much  more attainable than the 700+ libraries of NES and SNES.  Here's what my stuff looks like so far.  (Just realizing during upload that my phone camera sucks nuts, but bear with me).

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Loot grab: Little bit of Genesis

I don't always buy Genesis games but when I do they're in the box.  Genesis games haven't gone the way of Nintendo with soaring price tags which is a good thing if you collect Genesis.  I only collect Genesis when it's convenient to do so.

The Sega Genesis was my second console growing up.  I started with the original Nintendo and didn't get the Super Nintendo for whatever reason.  Probably because I was 8 and didn't have my own income. My parents got my Sega Genesis used from a local trading post like Craigslist except it was in print.  I didn't complain.  It came with two games:  NBA Jam and Sonic 2.

Some folks can be snobby about the Genesis and much prefer the Super Nintendo but I had fun with my Genesis.  That said, I collect SNES a little more nowadays because the games are worth a little more.  But the one cool thing about Genesis is that the boxes held up.  Because the boxes were plastic with actual notched placeholders for the Genesis games to snap into, people held onto them so you can still find them today pretty easily.  I'll occasionally pick up a Genesis cart without the box but if I do, it's because the game is pretty rare.  Genesis boxes are pretty fantastic in my opinion.

So, at my local game store I spotted these three guys.  The store was having a ...