Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Online Bro-op Beats Dungeon Defenders

There are few things in this world I would defend.  Among those few things are of course my significant other, my own life, my honor... shit like that.  But something else I would defend with every ounce of my beating heart and vibrant being are my dungeons.  Don't even fuck with my dungeons.
Josh and I started wailing on this game shortly after we retired the oft-clumsy and regularly hyperbolic Resident Evil 6 campaign.  Instead of going after another triple-A blockbuster we decided that since Microsoft was tossing out freebies left and right, we might as well tackle one of the games already collecting digital dust in our digital libraries.  On the digital cover of Dungeon Defenders it read something to the effect of "Most addictive co-op, 9/10" or something.  We rolled our eyes and figured what the hell, we'll try it.